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How to Write a Killer Query Letter

Hello Friends,

Today on Write With Intent, I’m sharing all the tips and tricks I know about writing a killer query letter. This is a longer video, and as such I decided to forgo my usual movie clips. I share my original query letter for The Nightmare Affair that garnered me representation with my current agent. You can read it here.

But as an added bonus, I also share a query letter pitch for my upcoming novel Riven. It comes up at the end of the video, but if you’d rather have a sneak peek, here you go:

On the island of Riven, magic is a luxury of the rich, provided for by the poor souls born with the ability to use it. By age sixteen, every citizen of Riven is tested for magic and those discovered with the talent enslaved for it. Only the wealthy can afford to pay off the testers to spare their offspring. Born with the ability, Mars Darksvane escapes this fate thanks to his wealthy benefactor, Una Almadòttra, mistress of a den of mercenaries. With his secret talent, Mars soon becomes the best of Una’s mercs, a fate akin to the slavery he would’ve faced.

Now at nineteen, Mars is desperate for freedom. The chance to escape Una’s clutches arrives when he takes a high-priced contract to protect the wealthy heiress Fura Torvald. Never mind that she’s the daughter of a man Mars had previously been paid to assassinate. All he has to do is complete the job, get, paid, and get out. But it’s easier said than done, for he soon discovers that Fura is harboring a dangerous secret, one that if revealed could shatter the political structure of Riven—ending centuries of unjust slavery for people born with magic. Now Mars must decide between his own freedom and the freedom for the rest of Riven.

Needless to say, I’m so excited for this book. Hope you enjoy the video.

Musingly Yours,


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