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Choosing Your Main Character

Hello friends,

Today on Write With Intent, I discuss ways to choose your main characters. We’ll take a look at techniques for developing the character’s inner journey from Jessica Brody’s Save the Cat Writes a Novel and Michael Hauge’s Story Master.

I also want to take a moment to talk about something personal. As some of you know, I’ve struggled with vestibular issues for several years now. Well, it’s finally been diagnosed as Vestibular Migraine. One the one hand, it’s awesome to know what’s wrong. On the other, when I’m having an attack, it still sucks. In this week’s video I was struggling with a lot of dizziness. I don’t think it’s obvious from a viewer’s standpoint–except in the way I’m obviously struggling to find the right words. For example, I used the term “mental issue” when instead I wanted to say “inner issue or internal issue” or any other dozen terms for the character’s inner journey. But while I was recording, my brain simply could not find the words. It’s so frustrating to experience. Especially when I know what I’m saying is incorrect but my brain can’t make the right connection to the correct words. Please forgive me for this.

Anyway, I felt compelled to share just in case anyone notices or wonders at that struggle and to ask for forgiveness, grace if anything I say offends or strikes you wrong. It’s not intentional. When my brain misfires, I’m at its mercy. I guess you could say, I’m sharing a little of my own inner journey as a character in my life story. Funny how real life mimics art.

Until next time my mighty friends,

Musingly Yours,


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