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Avalon First Pass Pages and Bookmark Giveaway

Lots of fun stuff going on here. I turned in edits for The Nightmare Dilemma, which is now going into production, aka “will be a real book soon.” The cover reveal should be any day now as well. I can’t wait.

I’ve also finished First Pass Pages of Avalon aka “the last time I get to make changes” stage of book production. This stage might be my favorite, because I get to see a bit of what the book will look like it. For example, this is wickedly awesome, give-me-chills Title Page:


Or the even more wickedly awesome, sci-fi cool first page and chapter heading design:


Anyway, to celebrate the completion of this important stage, I’ve decided to giveaway a signed Avalon bookmark to the first twenty people who comment on this blog post (see a picture of said bookmarks, modeled by my lovely Poseidon statue below). This giveaway is open internationally, and I’ll leave it open until next Monday or until the first 20. Good luck!


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  1. Yay! So cool! I can't wait to read the book, that's my type of genre :) Anyway, thanks for the bookmark :) Jello from Philippines
  2. Awesome :) Thank you sharing :)
  3. OMG! They look amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on the book!
  4. Ahhhh, Mindee! DAHLING so awesome
  5. Love the statue, and I am DYING to read this book! It sounds awesome! That cover is so creepy and eye-catching, and I would love a bookmark to eventually put in the book! :) Thanks so much! xo
  6. THEY ARE SO GORGEOUS. SO GORGEOUS OMG. *dies of pretty*
  7. Anna Copeland
    I am so very excited for this book! Loved Nightmare Affair and I love SCI FY so I know I will love it :)
    • Thank you so much, but please send me your address when you get a chance.
  8. Sarah K.
    They look so good!! I really can't wait for this book.
  9. Beks
    Avalon looks incredible and sounds really exciting!!! Can't wait to read it :)
  10. Sounds cool
  11. Oh man! Can't wait for Nightmare Dilemma and Avalon :D
  12. Oh wow, the cover is so creepy cool looking! And I cannot wait to read it! I loved Nightmare Academy so I am looking forward to your sci-fi. Your Poseidon statue is awesome btw :)
    • Thanks! I love Poseidon too. Actually, there might be a hint about The Nightmare Dilemma in that photo ;)
  13. It's coming together beautifully - I cannot wait to get my hands on it! XD
  14. Rachel
    Omg I can't wait to read this! (:
    • Thank you! Please email me your address and I'll send you one.
  15. Susan Light
    Love it! Cannot wait to get my hands on it to read!
  16. JenniferK
    The cover looks wonderful. So excited to read it when it comes out.
  17. Lorena Curtis
    The chapter headin
    • Lorena Curtis
      The cheaper headings and the bookmarks look really cool. I accidentally sent the comment before I got to finish.
  18. Tina M
    Love it..Thank You!!
  19. I love it!! Cannot wait to read it!
  20. Can't wait to read it! The cover looks amazing!
    • Thank you so much. I'm excited to see what people think.
  21. Even if I know I'm too late to get a bookmark I just wanted to say that if that's gonna be the definitive font and style of the book, I'm in love already!!
  22. Marguerite
    Well, I want to comment on this awesomeness even though I am over twenty - love The Nightmare Affair and just from the looks of Avalon, I think this is another favourite book!
    • Thank you so much, and I know I said 20, but I'm sending you one anyway :)
  23. I'm late, but I wanted to say congrats on finishing AVALON's first pass pages! I adore the chapter heading design, it looks fantastic (and love the first line - sounds like the story begins at an intriguing point)!