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Sinclair Writers Workshop – AKA Come See Me (please)

So this Friday I have been invited to present at my very first writers conference. To say I’m excited would be a disservice to the art of understatement. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. I love talking about writing nearly as much as I love the act itself. And I’m beyond thrilled that Sinclair Community College has extended me this invitation. And I want to offer a big thanks to horror-writer extraordinaire Tim Waggoner for suggesting me.

If you live near the Dayton, Ohio area and are interested in attending, here is the session I will be presenting:

Breaking into the Young Adult Market, From Draft to Query:

In this session we will discuss what makes a novel “young adult” and how to engage with the online YA community, including agents and editors. Next, we will finish up with a look at effective query letters. Session will include handouts and some hands-on exercises for developing your pitch.

To find out about the other sessions as well as times, click on Sinclair Writers Workshop2012 Program.

And here’s a link to the online registration for the conference, which at only $25.00 is incredibly affordable. They also will have walk-in registration on Friday.

And finally — just for kicks — here’s a fun newspaper article about the event. Yes, I am thrilled that my name is in the paper, especially for something so fun. You know, as opposed to a crime report or obituary (keeping thing in perspective is my motto).

Happy Writing!

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