Mindee Arnett

Shadow & Flame

They call her the Wilder Queen. It’s a title given to Kate Brighton for her role in the war between the wilder rebellion and the Rimish empire. It’s a title that was hard earned: Kate may have saved her people, but many were lost in the conflict, immortalized in the tattoos of fire that grace her arms.

And it’s a title that Kate never wanted. The rebellion may have made a home for themselves in a country that wants to cast them out, but the peace will never be safe while Edwin, the illegitimate king of Rime, sits upon its throne. And for that, the Wilder Queen must keep hers.

Now war is brewing once again. Kate and her allies receive word of a threat to their ambassador in the Rimish capital; meanwhile, across the channel in Seva, an army is being assembled to conquer Rime – and a prisoner slave named Clash may hold the key to ending the conflict once and for all.

As enemies close in on Kate and Clash from all sides, they must choose where their loyalties lie – with their people, with their loved ones, or with themselves.

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Praise for Onyx & Ivory:

“At once fresh, at once classic, Onyx and Ivory is a page-turning blend of monsters, magic, and romance.”

—Susan Dennard, NYT best-selling novel of TRUTHWITCH

“The world of Rime is complex and layered, the cast of characters just as real as they are magical. Everything about this story is fearless. Be warned. This is the kind of book that swallows you whole.”

—Kristen Simmons, author of ARTICLE 5 and METALTOWN

“Kate is a hero for the ages, and I was utterly swept away in her story, aching for her trials and rooting for every victory. This hero has heart and soul that will linger long after you close this book. A triumphant adventure with so much heart.”

—Natalie D. Richards, best-selling author of ONE WAS LOST

“This stunning, action-packed fantasy grips the reader from the first page. Mindee Arnett weaves a tale rich with magic, fantastical creatures, and memorable characters that will leave you begging for more!”

– Lorie Langdon, YA author of the DOON Series and OLIVIA TWIST

“Oh fortunate reader! Master story crafter Mindee Arnett’s first high fantasy novel gallops onto the scene with everything you’d hope for: stunning betrayals, palace plots, deadly combat, deadly beasts, secrets old and new, magic wild and tame, and of course, magnificent horses. Her star-crossed protagonists Kate and Corwin, wills teal your heart with their abundant integrity, loyalty, and guts. The history and heartache they must overcome to work together is as great a challenge as protecting the people and the land they love.”

—Liz Coley, Internationally Best-selling author of PRETTY GIRL-13