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Film News + Audio Book Giveaway

Did you hear the news??? The Nightmare Affair has been optioned as a digital series by the very same people behind the Emmy-award winning The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! Isn’t that awesome? If you want to read all the juicy details, they’re on Variety.com.

To celebrate this awesome event, I’m giving away the entire Arkwell Academy series on Audio CD. This is open Internationally and will run until midnight March 30st. Also, you’ll see that the most weighted option is to sign up to beta read my new book and help test out the brand new Mori app. Sign up is here. Right now the testing is only for Apple users; however, the Mori people are keeping track of Android users, too, so the option is available to everyone! Best of luck and thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. Jenn
    You know I really have no idea who I'd cast. I really loved the Nightmare Academy series, it's hard to think of an actor that could fill the role of Dusty or Ely the way I imagined them. I probably don't keep up with Hollywood enough for one to come to mind.
  2. Theresa
    I'm sooo excited about this news!!!! Congrats Mindee!!! as far as casting, I'm am definitely not the person to ask as I rarely see movies and am quite clueless as far as actors/names! (especially the younger ones!) I can't wait for this to happen!!!
    • I'm in the same boat. I'd cast them with a bunch of older actors...lol. Thanks for entering!
  3. JEnnifer Y.
    Congratulations! I have yet to read this series so I have no clue about casting, but how exciting!
  4. Susan
    Congrats on your great news!!!
  5. Marie Kelley
    I am so excited for you! Casting wise though? Oh my goodness I have no idea, I'd almost suggest going with nobodies to give it that fresh feel your books have.