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Ohioana Book Festival and News!

So the news isn’t mine, but it’s still completely and utterly awesome. My friend and critique partner, the supremely talented Lori M. Lee finally got to her announce her two-book deal! I say finally because we’ve been waiting for official permission to announce for SEVEN months. Seriously, I can’t even begin to describe the frustration of wanting to scream this good news to the world. Anyway, below’s a snippet of the announcement, and you can go here to congratulate Lori personally. Oh, and you can add The Gates of Thread and Stone on Goodreads here. (I’ve read. It’s totally rocks. You want to add it.)




In other news, I’ll going to be at the Ohioana Book Festival tomorrow! I can’t wait because I have discovered I absolutely love festivals and conferences and anything that allows me to interact with readers and other writers. The festival is in Columbus Ohio and opens at 10:00. My panel, Books for Teens and Tweens, is at 11:30. I get to hang out and discuss books with Rae Carson, Laura Bickle, Leah Clifford, and Liz Coley! How cool is that?

Answer: very cool

Anyway, you can find out more about the conference and download the complete schedule here. I’ll be spending the rest of the day at a table signing books for anybody that wants one. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Woohoo! I love how you're going all around being AUTHORLY and stuff :D