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Fall In Love With YA Giveaway!

I’ve got some awesome news for anybody out there who would LOVE to attend the Fall in Love with YA seven-author signing extravaganza  happening at Powell’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon next Wednesday but who doesn’t leave within driving distance. You can enter to win one of the booklets full of exclusive content and signed by all seven authors. That’s right. Leigh Bardugo, Lisa Desrochers, Sarah Fine, Kristin Halbrook, Kody Keplinger, Ingrid Paulson, and myself will all sign the booklet. Pretty awesome, yah?

And in case you need more incentive, my contribution to the booklet is a brand new piece of short fiction written in Eli Booker’s point of view. There’s also a piece of custom artwork by the lovely Cat York.

Booklet Preview


The contest starts today, April 8 and will end at midnight on April 17. Open internationally. Enter below! (p.s. this is my first rafflecopter contest I’ve run myself, so if anything is broken, please let me know!)

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  1. I wish I lived in Oregon to go! :(
  2. Living in Ireland, have to pass on attending. Thanks for making the competition open internationally though. Have fun!
  3. I love YA because there are so many types under that. The genre is so broad, also I love YA because it was what got me into reading in the first place! <3
  4. Lourie
    Ya is just plain fun like a guilty pleasure. It's nice to escape life for a short time and feel free from life. As a side note I love love love "The Midnight Affair"! Wish I didn't live across the country or I would be there.
  5. almendra
    i love YA ... because ...has romance the most of them have ... and .. the guy .. are hot .... jiij i am so simple
  6. I read the ARC and liked the book. I already purchased it for my library and it goes out regularly!
  7. Andreea
    Why I love YA? Because it makes me live a thousand lives, it makes me feel a lot of emotions, it makes me cry, it makes me laugh, it makes me love, it makes me hate. And most importantly, because I learn a lot of things.
  8. Luna Cakegood
    I love YA because......it's YA! It's an amazing genre full of wonderful authors, twisting plots, courageous heroes/heroines, swoon-worthy guys, and some seriously messed up villains. I desperately wish I lived in Oregon. Curse my home on the eastern seaboard!
  9. Genie
    I love YA because it can combine so many elements that make great novels - action, mystery, romance, etc. It also encompasses a range of genres that teens/young adults wouldn't read otherwise, like sci-fi or dystopian novels Thank you so much for this giveaway!
  10. Darith L.
    I love YA b/c they're relatable and explore unique worlds and represent new ideas. :D
  11. Sahra
    Thanks for coming toCincinnati. It was so great to meet you and your husband. I was just wondering, when the second book will be coming out?
    • I had a blast in Cincinnati and I can't wait to come back! The Nightmare Dilemma doesn't have an official release date yet, but I anticipate it will be around March of 2014. We've started cover development so the official date will be here soon. Maybe by June/July? I'll update on all my social media sights once I find out for sure.