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Career Day Fun, aka Mindee Shares Funny Early Work

Last Friday I had the absolute pleasure to visit Valley View Junior High School in my hometown of Germantown, Ohio. I had no idea what to expect, and I went in absolutely terrified that these teenagers would greet me with disinterested eyerolls and more than a couple of murmured protests. It was, after all, a Friday, not to mention the last day before spring break and the first really nice day we’d had in a while.

But I’m happy to say that the kids were completely, utterly fantastic. They asked questions, they were interested, and I had a total blast. Two of the students even wrote me awesome thank you cards which I will keep forever in a scrap book:



One of the highlights was sharing my very first short stories. I hadn’t looked at these sucker in years, and rereading some of them was hysterical. But hopefully encouraging, too, considering how bad I was back then. Want proof? Feast your eyes on these:

(To the best of my knowledge this is my very first story ever. And yes, fantasy was my first love)


(A Ghost Horse Story)


And we also talked about Power of the Pen. Several of the students were on their way to State! I didn’t bring my Power of Pen papers, but I thought I’d share proof here:

power of the pen

Moral of the story? I can’t wait to do my next school visit!

Happy Writing.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love your short stories haha. You wrote so well even then :) So cute!