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The Nightmare Affair Focus on You Giveaway

Okay people. This very well may be your last chance to win a physical ARC of The Nightmare Affair, assuming you care about that sort of thing, of course 🙂 I’m giving away TWO of them. The contest starts now and ends January 23 at midnight, open internationally.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a little unenthusiastic about holding another random generator type giveaway. To hell with luck. It’s so…so…random and generally unfair. So instead the winners of this contest will be determined by a panel of human judges. That’s right. Actual people. Me and two of my awesome critique partners Lori M. Lee and Cat York.

Now for the details.

STEP ONE: Interpret the term “Magickind” using a visual medium.

In case you didn’t already know, all the magical creatures in The Nightmare Affair are referred to as magickind; so nightmares, sirens, demons, fairies, werewolves, unicorns, you name it. Anything magical. This interpretation can be a drawing, a photograph, a sculpture, video, comic strip, anything that involves a visual medium. Be creative. Be entertaining. Show us something beautiful, amazing, scary, funny. I really want it to be a spotlight on YOU. Your creativity and personality. Show me what you got. This piece of art does not have to be new, either. If you drew an awesome picture in the 3rd grade that fits the theme, use it. Seriously, as long as the visual belongs to you, you’re good. No copy rights violations, please.

STEP 2: Post the art somewhere on the net.

Put is anywhere: your blog, Tmblr, Facebook, etc.

STEP 3: Mention The Nightmare Affair in the post.

Post a picture of the cover if you want. Or maybe a link to Goodreads–it’s up to you.

STEP 4: Leave a comment on my blog(s) that includes the link to your entry.

That’s it. Remember, there are TWO arcs available. And if there are a lot of entries, I’ll throw in a 3rd arc (my very last one). There will also be swag packs up for grabs as well.

Good luck!


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  1. This is such a cool contest! I'm definitely participating! I'm so excited for The Nightmare Affair .:D
  2. I so want to do this, but I don't know if I can around the kids school. Grr. --I even have an old artwork or two... I'm totally adding this on my "to read" list though.
  3. Here is a video made by me : http://anddeea.tumblr.com/ And the link to a post about The Nightmare Affair : http://visepierduteintrestele.blogspot.ro/2012/12/the-nightmare-affair.html
  4. Hello :) Here is my drawing: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=319394451509279&set=a.101291039986289.1646.100003161791065&type=1 I made it two years ago :) Hope you like it. And here is my post: www.justfantasybooksadis.blogspot.ro/2013/01/the-nightmare-affair.html Thanks for this awesome opportunity!
  5. Karis C.
    Here is my post (its on twitter) so it kinda took up 2 tweets....^.^ <3 (pic): https://twitter.com/KaRiSxo/status/289193065900544000 (cont.): https://twitter.com/KaRiSxo/status/289193463067586560
  6. Kierra
    Ok, my entry is here! https://twitter.com/Kiki3239/status/290549383861248000 Hope you like it!
  7. Andrea M.
    Thanks for the chance to win an ARC of the Nightmare Affair: My Post: https://twitter.com/Mont4_A/status/290594705195012097 Here's my pictorial interpretation of "Magickind": https://twitter.com/Mont4_A/status/290595780316766208
  8. Jade
    Here's my entry https://twitter.com/09_jadie/status/290719321951465472
  9. Yay! I still am able to join! :> Here's my entry :) I did not literally take up the Magickind but towards Magickind :) Hope you'll like it: http://clapstompjump.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-nightmare-affair-by-mindee-arnett.html
  10. Here is my post of my twin sister and I as zombies. We do it every year and the makeup is done by our good friend. Thanks for the chance to win your awesome book! it sounds like my kind of story. :)
  11. Here is a picture of my twin sister and I has zombies. We do it every year for Halloween. Our good friend paints it. Thanks for the chance to win! This books sounds awesome! :)
  12. Ada
    Hi Mindee! Sorry if it's a little late but here's my entry: https://pinterest.com/wordcuts/the-nightmare-affair-entry/ Thank you for this awesome oppurtunity! Dying to read your book. @.@ Have a nice day! ^^
  13. Whew! In just before the deadline! Wish I wasn't so crazy busy atm, or I would have been able to put some more time into it. :P http://gloomwriter.deviantart.com/art/NightmareAffair-350190775
  14. Here's my entry. I really, really hope that I'm not too late. I'm dying to read The Nightmare Affair. Thanks for this awesome contest :). Entry:http://sunnykimmylovinglife.blogspot.com/2013/01/contest-entry-for-arc-of-nightmare.html
  15. Here's my entry! https://twitter.com/GerushiasWorld/status/294298645442994176 Thanks so much, Mindee!