Mindee Arnett

Debut Debutante and Giveaway!

I’m so thrilled to say that I’m a debutante! Definitely the first that has ever come out of my mouth (or brain? or fingers? since this is a written thing…never mind). The event is being hosted by the spectacular Badass Bookie, and my introductory post is up right now. In it you’ll get to see my dream dress and learn 10 wacky, weird, and semi-fun things about me. And TOMORROW, you’ll want to check back for a sneak peek at The Nightmare Affair and a chance to win a preorder of the book. Check it out here!

Update – and the giveaway is live! Enter here. (Note: the giveaway is for a pre-order, not an ARC. But I will be giving away a couple of ARCs soon!)


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  1. Kierra
    Woohoo!!! Congrats! Debuts are always the most exciting to read for me because then I get a chance to become a new fan to the author!