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Blogtour, Bookmarks, and Other News

I can’t believe this is already happening, but I’ve got my first blogtour planned. The lovely Shane Morgan over at Itching for Books will be hosting it. The sign up should go up sometime next week.

My first order of bookmarks arrived last Friday, and while they are still quite lovely, the text came out a little blurry. I’ve gone ahead and ordered a new batch that should be much clearer. In case you were wondering, they look like this:

I’m also excited to reveal another swag item I’m working on: The Arkwell Academy Student Guide. The guide is going to give you a firsthand sneak peek into the world of The Nightmare Affair, including custom artwork by the ultra-talented Cat York. Here’s a look at the front cover:

And last but not least, a reminder that WriteOnCon is coming up in less than two weeks. This is a free online conference and an extremely valuable resource for any up and coming writer. I’m a faculty member this year, and my blog post should be up on Tuesday around 5:00. It’s on world-building, and wow, was it tough to write. I hope people find it useful.

Happy writing!

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  1. Oh this is awesome! I love your bookmarks, and it's so cool you have an illustrated student guide! Will keep an eye out for your world-building post. :)
  2. Nice swag! ;) Love the bookmarks and can't wait to see the guide!
  3. The Student Guide is such a cool swag item! It's fun when you can do extra goodies like that for your book :0) I actually didn't know about WriteOnCon (I know, where have I been) but I'm checking out the site!
    • Awesome, I think you'll be super excited about WriteOnCon. It's an amazing opportunity!