Mindee Arnett

Website Reveal + Query Contest

That’s right. I now have an official website (www.mindeearnett.com). As with my blogger site, the beautiful header was designed by the ultra-fabulous Cat York. Working with Cat has been a grand experience, and I hope all of you go check out her website and then hire her to illustrate something gorgeous and fun just for you.

Aside from the header design, setting up the website has been an experience of frustration, pain, and ultimate triumph (I think/hope). So triumphant, in fact, that I’m holding a Query Letter + First 10 pages critique contest to celebrate.

It’s super easy to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me you’d like to be entered (if you don’t want to enter, but would still like to comment, please go ahead, especially if you have something nice to say about Cat :).

There’s no requirement to follow me anywhere, although that is always nice. And it would be even extra nice if you mentioned the contest somewhere else like Twitter, Facebook, or your own blog, but again, not necessary. The contest will be open until next Monday. To the winner, I promise to give helpful, gentle, and encouraging feedback.

Good luck and happy writing!

P.S. My edits for The Nightmare Affair have arrived!!! Yippee!!!…off to the writing cave with me.

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  1. Zoe
    love the site, so perfect spooky! :) And of course I'd love to be entered. happy editing!
  2. Ooh, I love the header at the top! It's gorgeous. And, of course I'd to be entered into the contest. Thank you :-)
  3. I'd love to be entered :) Thanks for the opportunity!
  4. The new site is gorgeous!! I love the header! And count me in for the contest. Running over to twitter now to mention it. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!
  5. Great site, I love the banner!!! I would love to be entered! And I also tweeted to spread the word! =)
  6. Rachel
    I'd love to be entered. I love the layout of your new website...dark and a little ominious like I expect your book to be. Good luck with edits. I hope we get to see a cover soon :)
  7. Please enter me! And congrats!
  8. Angi Black
    I would love to be entered in your contest...and btw, that header is beautiful! Great work!!
  9. Katherine Amabel
    Congratulations on all your writing successes. Would love to be entered into the competion. Thanks for the opportunity!
  10. Joy
    Oooh, very evocative banner. I'd love to be entered! Thanks!
  11. Christina B.
    I'd love to be entered into the contest. Nice website & design. The work definitely paid off.
  12. Great looking banner and congrats on your success. Saw the contest via Twitter and would love to add my name for entry. This is very generous of you and well worth a retweet on my end.
  13. Stoich91
    Thank you so much for the contest, and congratulations!
  14. Cas
    The header is beautiful. Congrats on the website too. I'd love to be entered in the contest. :-)
  15. Gorgeous site! I've envied your query-writing ability since Suzie Townsend posted your sample last year as something to aim for and would love a chance to be critiqued -- and now I will retweet to diminish those chances... Good luck with the edits!
  16. Lora W.
    I'd love to be entered. Great looking website!
  17. Alwyn
    I would love to be entered for this. Great contest and cool header!
  18. Critiques? Color me interested! Great job on the site; looks quite sharp, even on my mobile!
  19. Lydia T
    How great of you to do this! The site looks awesome. Enter me in the contest :)
  20. Jenny
    Awesome contest and congratulations with the new website! A query critique is actually just what I was looking for at the moment...
  21. I am new to writing, just learning the ropes. This critique would help out so much. The website and the header look amazing.
  22. Sandy Owens
    Really cool web site, dark and sexy. Sign me up for the contest. Nice thing for you to do.
  23. Mel
    Congrats! Website looks great. I'd love to be entered in your contest! Thanks for the opportunity.
  24. lee
    Ahhh--love that header. And I'l love to be entered :)
  25. jesp
    I just stumbled upon your website, looking for some query help. Your book sounds awesome! I would love to be entered in your contest. Thanks!
  26. This is a beautiful site! I'd love to enter! I'll RT you're announcement!
  27. My co-author and I would love to be entered. Thanks for hosting the contest. I will definitely check out Cat's website- the illustration header on this site looks amazing! Thanks Jess Haight (co-author, Stephanie Robinson Middle Grade Novel The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow
  28. What a great blog